Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer's just begun.

I'm getting a feel for how this summer is going to go, and I like it. So far, we've been spending rainy/super hot days inside. The boys are playing wii, making tents, building with legos, playing board games, dressing up or watching movies. Popular movies so far are Madagascar, Harry Potter, Shark Boy and Lava Girl, and Pirates of the Carribbean. Their favorite wii games have been the dance ones, and Super Mario, which they have sucked dad into playing as well. Hunter sings the songs from the wii dance game all day, even when the tv has long since been turned off. Hunter was beside himself with joy over having 22 lives on Mario. They have made ships, guys, towns, and vehicles with the legos. They have also spent some time coloring, using colored pencils, and have been asking me to draw them outlines of various things so they can color them in. I have made sketches of their favorite stuffed animals, and a pirates treasure.
But when weather permits we are outside; they have already broken one pool. We picked up a slip and slide today. They have water gun fights. The boys made gnome gardens this week, too. Grandma sent them the gnomes. I made the arbors, and they picked out the other stuff, including the plants.
This one is Ben's.
 This one is Hunter's.
Ben is also growing carrots in addition to his cacti and succulents; Hunter is growing pumpkins.
When we are outside you can most likely find the boys have their sunglasses on. I can hardly get Hunter wear a shirt at all. Ben has been trying to fit reading time in, although Hunter barely lets him. Both boys are playing baseball, and doing really well.

Ben reading by the pond.
Happy Summer!

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