Saturday, June 9, 2012


So far this summer has been pretty wild. We're dealing with how to keep the two boys happy and entertained, harmonious and stimulated, without killing each other. To use a cliche, it is like riding a roller coaster for me; sometimes so smooth and enjoyable I find myself sitting back with a warm smile filled with love, but other times ready to run far, far, away. The boys can happily for hours, and if I'm willing to avoid the mess, I can have peace and get things done. However, the smallest disagreement can very quickly escalate into a war, complete with physical violance, property loss, and bruised egos. I have to keep a close watch and intercept those moments with potential to implode. Its been fun, very rewarding, but I'm sorta ready for summer to be over.... kinda.
We do have the boys in t-ball and baseball. We have discovered sending one parent with the kids to the game, and leaving one home has gievn them much needed break time from one another, not to mention alone time at home to read, relax uninterrupted.

The true test will be upcoming, when Theo is gone for 3 weeks. Send prayers of patience! I will have to take them to every single game with  non-playing kid, and they won't get any breaks from one another (and my only breaks will be after bedtime).

This week the boys filled these two hunting tents with both their bean bags and a million stuffed animals. I think there may have been books in there, too.
I don't know if I'll get Hunter to wear a shirt all summer, and I'm pretty sure you can count on nemo necklace tan lines.
 Who knew fazoodles could be so much fun? They laughed for a really long time about the little characters they made. Love their faces here!
 Hunter loves this mirror in the hallway. I catch him dancing in it, making faces. I have joked we should install a hidden camera here. This Scooby costume is way too small (see the legs?) but he still squishes in it and crawls around like a dog for hours. The boys have a closet dedicated to dress up, and it gets a TON of mileage.
 So much spunk!
How is your summer?

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