Friday, January 1, 2010

What can we change around here?

Oh, yeah. It's time to resolve to make some changes folks!

Unfortunately, a lot of the things I intend to do will be directly related to how well my back continues to heal. If my back heals, I have some very physical goals in mind, including many home related projects, specfically:
-ripping out several layers of my dining room floor and hopefully revealing the original floorboards which I will sand and stain/seal accordingly
-repainting the sideboard in my dining room
-painting the boy's bedroom, our living room, dining room
-painting and organizing our bathroom closets (paint is already waiting!)
-learning to rototill my own garden
-begin walking regularly once I'm healed

As a family, we need to put our money into our home, specifically:
-focusing our tax return on our home, including a new roof, new shower/bath, installing/having isntalled the already purchased new bathroom walls, sink, faucet, and flooring, and getting new kitchen counters and kitchen sink
-new garage door and garage door opener (they don't even open right now!)
-fix side door in the garage (also doesn't open)
-new screen doors on front and back doors (both very broken)
-remove/repaint the old black metal railings on the front porch, tend to rotting wood in the area, and crumbling cement on the front steps
-replace the furnace filter

We also need to focus on our vehicles, including:
-new tires on the Equinox
-that part that Theo needs for his vehicle (don't remember what it's called)

As a family:
-complete classes to become members of the church we've been attending
-eat even more balanced diets and more homegrown goodies
-attend church atleast 50% of the time

For me personally:
-shut up and lose 108 lbs by my 32nd birthday
-omit swearing (one from previous years also)
-spend less, use more (dividing plants, growing more from seeds, using recycled craft supplies)
-clean out my closet
-clean out the basement
-print pictures every 2 weeks, not once a year! **this is a big one!!!!**
-conquer the Japanese Beetles on my roses, which will require daily effort

Gosh all of the resolutions sounds so hard and work-related. Here are some fun personal goals:
-learn to knit with needles
-learn to knit socks
-revisit my old CD collection
-mail birthday cards on time
-learn to can food this summer (anyone who can help me in person, please come and help me!)
-get caught up on scrapbooking
-sell more of my craft projects, dare I say, create an etsy shop????
-learn to send a text message and acquire an up to date phone with a camera and all!

If any of you happen to know where I might find a million dollars, let me know!
Happy 2010!


Sarah said...


I have been printing once a week @ Walgreens, and it is sooooooo great. Just email your pics there and pick them up whenever. I spend 6-ish bucks a week/ 2 weeks, and I used to only print when my memory card was full and I would put it off FOREVER b/c it was so expensive.

Love your resolutions-- home repairs are exciting and fun.

I hope you have a fantastic 2010, and I hope we get to see more of each other :)

Jamie said...

I'm also excited for work on the home. I hope it all fits in the budget!

The Etsy store freaks me out, but also excited me.

I can't start the every-two-week printing until we get the taxes back (roughly jan 30th usually. I am so excited. I have not printed pictures since January of last year!!!!

Yes, we do need to get together more often!

gina said...

You are made for Etsy! Remember way back when you used to make pillows? Start it up Jamie, you're already a hit!

Jamie said...

Thanks, Gina! I am so excited, but nervous. I've got to build up a little bit of an inventory. I plan to have an Etsy shop open within a week or two.