Monday, January 11, 2010

A moment of weakness.

It took a week and a half, but this afternoon I finally have experienced some weakness in my approach to Weight Watcher's. After a busy morning I was really tired, I made lunch (high fiber whole wheat bread with a tbls of Brummel and Brown, on a skillet with baby swiss and 98% FF ham, served with a handful of baby carrots w/ one tbls light ranch), and went upstairs to knit and look at some gardening books.
I fell asleep. I knew I would. I woke up and I wanted chocolate and pizza. I was freezing cold, no doubt b/c of my drafty house and now-lowered body temp from sleeping. I went for the kitchen and stood there dreading making dinner. Theo is working late, and I don't feel like cooking anything! I feel bloated, and sluggish, and my back is bothering me a bit. I want to just throw myself under my covers again and wait for a huge hot dinner to arrive.
Nevertheless, I indulged the chocolate craving with cocoa, surprised by how well it warmed me back up. I hoped online here, and thought I'd share. Still no definate dinner plans, but now that mind if clear, I don't plan on pizza; I just don't think I could resist the urge to eat the whole thing. I think I'll make the boys something simple, like a sandwich, and I'll have leftovers.
I'm going to keep fighting.
Now, I'm off to scrapbook until dinner really approaches.

P.S. See that big tree trunk in my header picture? The energy company ripped out the whole tree today! I could not be more excited, as it was diseased, and way to big for it's location. You can now see the whole front of our house, and I can plant sun-loving plants like roses and clematis on the front porch!

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