Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Etsy Shop

My Etsy shop, where I will be selling handmade items, including my knit creations, is now open. If you have any custom requests, let me know! Enjoy!!


Misty said...

You're so brilliant!

I have a question. While I never really lost my Midwestern cold survival skillz, I still can't stand for the wind to blow in my ears. Do you therefore recommend an ear-flap hat?

Cuz I love that style, but I love that chocolate-covered raspberry color scheme.

I'm so torn!

Jamie said...

My mom likes the chocolate raspberry one, too. I think I'll need to make more of those.

I feel warmer in the ear flap hats. They just seem cozier, and stay wrapped around your ears better. I find my hair often can push up a hat pretty easily. Plus, I think they are cuter. :)

I could make the chocolate raspberry one with a ear flaps, too ($20), and even add braids ($24). It would take me a few days to make. Let me know. :)

Misty said...

Hook me up, girl!

Dimwit moment: I don't know what you mean... Braids? Something I can tie under my chin? Cuz that's prolly a good idea. My hair can push off a football helmet!

Take your time though. We head out on Wednesday, and it'll take me a few days to sort out a new bank and all that. Just keep me posted. Ooo I'm so excited!

Love you girl.

Jamie said...

I have two hats with braids here I can photograph when the sun comes up.
Awesome! I'll work on figuring out how to post a custom item on Etsy in the meantime. I think that will allow others to see and request a similar item, too.
Love you, too Misty!