Monday, January 11, 2010

Haircuts for the Kiddies

Mostly, I got tired of hearing, "They need a haircut." I was really trying to make them look like little Chaps models, with long, tousled boy locks. Okay, so I realize that means I would have had to actually do their hair everyday, or atleast control the bed head and hat hair they were getting.
So Saturday I felt pretty wonderful, less back pain and reletively accomplished. I set up haircut shop in the living room. Threw our biggest beach towel down, grabbed the clippers, scissors, combs and all, and turned on some Phineas and Ferb to captivate them, and Ta Da! You can see their ears and eyes again.

I'm pleased.
Editted: I wanted to add that these Toy Story sweatshirts were $3 each on Black Friday. Tickles me excited every time I think about it.
In other news, I'm doing well on Weight Watcher's. Last night I forced myself to use some of the flex points on something. I had a piece of fudge from Christmas & a cup of cocoa. I should add, the fudge has been frozen since the day after Christmas, along with all of the cookies and such I made. Very pleased with how well everything freezes, this is the first year I've tried that. Working great for random treats for the boys.
The craziest thing? The fudge sat in front of me for about an hour before I could eat it. I was so full from dinner (several 5-cheese ravioli with a few ounces of 90% lean beef in a 5-cheese red pasta sauce, stewed with chopped green peppers and mushrooms). I want to use all the flex points these first few weeks so I don't stunt my metabolism b/c I'm still extremely inactive with my back pain. Also, I'm trying to eat the flex points the first 5 days of the week, so I don't skew my weigh in off the weight of food alone. I know all of this sounds nuts, but it works for me. :)
So far, so good.


Misty said...

You most certainly do not sound nuts, at least not to me. You sound like a momma on a mission! Congratulations my friend and keep up your wonderful work!

Also the boys' haircuts are adorable. Doug used to have me do his, but after a few near-mohawk mishaps, he just pays the $$ now to have an expert do it. :)

gina said...
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gina said...

They look adorable! You're quite the clipper Jamie. And BTW, that 5 cheese red sauce number just made me drool!

Jamie said...

Thanks ladies! I take the kids into the get haircuts 1-2 times a year, but the rest of the time I do it at home. I bought kiddie sized clippers, and it seems to freak them out less. The TV helps, too.

You're right Misty. I am on a mission. :) And Gina, it was a nice dinner. I can have so many points still, so I can fit a little decadence into the plan. :)