Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knit Therapy

I'm not gonna lie. Cutting calories is hard work when you're used to eating everything you dare imagine. Even harder when you can't do anything. As in, walk. Or shop. Or generally take care of your home and children. My back problem, whatever you want to call it, is limiting me to a whole lot of sitting.

FYI: The official term for my primary back pain is "SI disfunction." The spot where my spine meets my tailbone and pelvis/hips is out of whack. There may also be a slipped disk. Also, the other muscles keep spasming. I have to do physical therapy excersices/stretches/strengthening 2-3 times a day until I feel better. Each visit adds a few more activities. Last week, they added walking 5 minutes at a time (which HURTS), and this week, they added a hip strengthening activity where I tie my knees together with a lime green stretchy band and do kegals). My insurance approved 36 visits, and my PT people want 2 visits a week. We're looking at a few months of this, with no set promises on healing.

Anyway, I despise sitting. I'm a multi-tasker at heart. A do-er. I've refined my "doing" skills to maximize my situation. Because: I'm also not a quitter.

I've been knitting my ass off. Hopefully, literally. I intend to begin an Etsy shop. I create an account yesterday, and plan on becoming a seller within a few weeks. I'm building an inventory. I love yarn, and I love making things, but I do not need 30 hats and scarves. Want, yes, but need. No.
I'm in love with this purple multi-dotted fleece yarn. In fact, I'm scheming ways to acquire more of it. It needs a pom-pom. I'm thinking of a solid turqoise.

I need to get out the tripod this week and take some more color-rich, stable shots.
This pattern below was inspired by a picture of blue pail filled with suds, surrounded by a pair of chartruese rubber gloves, and two beady bracelets in fushcia and red.

This one came from an idea in my mind.

Here the process of developing this wacky colorful hat.
The yarn.

The hat:
The finished product, topped with a solid poof, after consultng two crafty friends.
I've been spending the boys' nap time in front of this shelf. I light my candle, bring up my big glass of water, and sit here with my pillows and knit.

I cranked out these hats for the boys, inspired by The Children's Place winter clothing line.

So far, knitting is keeping my mind off chocolate. I'm successfully starting day 5 of the WW diet, and feeling satisfied and positive. More knits to come, as well.


Sarah said...

GORGEOUS hats!!!

I also think you could sell scrapbooks-- the kind that are all laid out and just need pictures for the scrap challenged shopper :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Etsy! Seriously, I bought a ton of stuff there for the wedding. It was a positive experience through and through.

Now while I would not consider myself a do-er, I do know that my hands have ADHD. This knitting thing is amazing for weight loss. Who knew? I can't eat cause I'm board if my hands are full of yarn and needles. It's Impossible. PS: Started WW yesterday. Tracking everything online and really feeling pretty good about it. Yay us!

Also, Sarah is right. You could sell those. Your stuff is amazing.

Jamie said...

Thanks, ladies! Your encouragement means so much to me. I definately plan on making some scrapbook stuff to sell, too. I know I want to make sets of journaling tags, embelishments, and banners for different holiday things. If there was only more time in the day, lol!

Jamie said...

Sarah, I would love to make some books, too. I am so behind on my own scrapbooking that I worry I might never have the time for bigger projects. The time, or the attention span. LOL. But, I will definately keep the option in my mind. :)

Jamie said...

LOL, Jenn. I am so excited you are knitting. You should come and visit us soon. :)

gina said...

Hip Hip hooray! Watch out Etsy! I love Etsy so much and it is the biggest time sucker. I can sit and browse for hours! This is perfect for you Jamie. I would love to be one of your first customers. I need one of your hats in my life. My winter coat is brown.....if that helps any :)

I would shit my pants if you made embellishments to sell. I had a field day in Hobby Lobby the other day. I hope your pain slowly subsides....but as a friend, I'm so proud of the changes you are already making this year. This is your year Jamie!!!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks Gina. You are an awesome cheerleader!
Note taken on the hat.
I think your girls would make awesome little hat wearer's too. ;)
Having a good day today, besides the back pain, the diet feels easy.

Misty said...

Um, can I just add my thumbs up to Etsy? I've been walking around freezing my ass off this week, thinking, "I gotta get Jamie to knit me one of those hats."

(Ok, I realize that 20 degree days probably sounds like Hawaii to you Wisconsinites. But damn. I moved to a red state so I wouldn't have to put up with this crap anymore.)

So, yeah... Def open a shop. And def let us all know when you do. You'll be out of stock in a hot minute.

Jamie said...

Definately coming soon. :)