Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week One

I made it through a whole week on the WW plan. Seems like it's been years since I made it throuh a solid week tracking points, writing it all down, and staying focused. I actually enjoyed it. I feel a little ball of strength growing in my chest. Maybe it's pride?

2.4 lbs lost the first 7 days.

I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping for more. I always will be. I know, from my own and other's past successes, that it is typical to lose a lot the first 2 weeks, so I hope for a big and exciting number next week. Still, I am so pleased with losing 2.4 lbs, and leaving the 300's forever. Forever folks.

I plan on having Theo take some pictures of me each week. I really hope that helps. I was browsing some weight loss blogs, and it seems the pictures create an added in
spiration. Much like the scale, the camera doesn't lie.

This week's goals:
Keeping the focused feeling.
Doing all my physical therapy excercises 2 times a day.
Making all the food requirements, including more veggies, and high calcium foods.
Staying satisfied.



Jenn Wallace said...

Are you on Weight Watchers e-tools? I've really liked them so far.

Jamie said...

I plan on doing the monthly payment (which allows me access to e-tools) when we get out next paycheck. No $40 in the back in right now. lol. I'm super excited about the recipe tool--we talked at the meeting today about it. You enter all the ingredients and quantities and it calculates the point for you!!