Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stuck between two holidays, and other things we're up to.

We have made a tradition of going to my aunt and uncle's house in Chicago for Thanksgiving every year. Nothing lures you like Grandma's stuffing and Auntie's stuffed mushrooms. Yum. But, we always try and make a bird at home a couple days later, juts for the turkey. I love turkey; it is by far my favorite meat in the world. (i also make Grandma's stuffing, and Auntie's mushrooms, b/c they rock!)
This year we may be going from my aunt's to Theo's mom's house to help her move. Weather or not she can get into a new place by the weekend is still up in the air. Either way, we've moved our home meal up to this weekend. Today. Not that I mind, I love spending time with Theo's half of the family, and I love having Turkey anytime.
So, the table is set. The stuffing is already in the making.

I also spend the rest of Thanksgiving weekend decorating for the most wonderful time of the year! I could not resist getting a head start if we are not going to be home. I tried to keep the dining room Thanksgiving-y, and worked instead on the kitchen tree, front yard decor, and the boy's room. Here is the kitchen tree in all it's Gingerbready goodness. :

I have also been delightfully busy, occupied with Christmas crafts and decorating. Theo gave me the whole afternoon and evening kid-free so I could lock myself in my craft room to get work done. I brough the kids portable DVD player in the room so I could watch Elf.
Loving this banner's glittery madness.
I stuck pins in the window frame to hold up all the finished ornaments.

Some paper ornaments I started yesterday:
Yesterday I made this vintage button tree with pearl-head stick pins and a styrofoam cone.
More cones...

I pinned this lovelt lady below up on the wall to keep me inspired. I need to make myself one of these skirts. If anyone seeing plus-sized candy cane striped stockings in the stores, let me know. lol.

In the evenings I have been working hard on this baby blanket and hat for my aunt's family.

I've been hauling this picture (from Wondertime magazine last Christmas) from room to room with me. I'm dying to break free of the Christmas crafts and make some hats for the kiddies.
Oh, and Hunter is taking his talks with Grandma very seriously lately. He talked for like 10 minutes the other day on the sofa.

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy crafting, too.


Sarah said...

It looks like Buddy the Elf helped you craft-- how awesome are you??

LOVE all your pictures, but I cannot believe that that little man with the big feet is baby Hunter-- where did the time go?? You have handsome guys, Jamie :)

Jamie said...

Thanks Sarah!
I know, Hunter has all of the sudden lost all his babiness. It bums me out, and makes me want more babies stat. Theo is not on board. lol.