Sunday, November 22, 2009

And the feast was good.

Our premature Thanksgiving feast at home was lovely. I intended to cook the whole thing, but by the time I was done blogging, facebooking, and scrubbing my ass in the shower my husband had most of the meal prepped and done.
I did make the pie. Katie Brown's Turtle Pumpkin Pie.

Couldn't resist a shot of these steaming mashed potatos.

Ben and Hunter helped me roll the crescent rolls. They loved this!

Hunter looks soooo old here!

Ben made this craft for Thanksgiving one afternoon. I love it! They look like Southpark characters.

Ben says, "mom take a picture with me." I looks healf dead. I slept all day and wow, had some serious' bad hair going on. Oh well.

In case you couldn't tell how bad I looked in the first one. I had to take my own picture for the scrapbook atleast, so you know I was there. I need to put some serious make up on.

I'v e already started to take down the Thanksgiving decor. I was poarticularly proud of these. I found fall picks on clearance for 20 cents!!!! at Hobby Lobby, and I twisted them into these candle rings. Cute!

Meal's all set.
How cute are the boy's saying grace?

Theo in my glasses. With his beer. He included in the grace prayer, "Thanks for Milwaukee's Best Light," and Hunter was repeating every word he said... it was absolutly priceless to hear Hunter say that. We giggled pretty hard.
Happy turkey week y'all.

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