Monday, November 23, 2009

Hunter learns anatomy.

See this pretty lady? My son sure does.

So, my husband loves to watch CMT music videos in the background of working from home. A few weeks ago Carrie Underwood's new song, "Cowboy Cassanova," came on. Hunter was quietly hypnotized, and near the end of the video he calmly, seriously, told daddy, "She pretty lady, dad."
Flash forward to my driving the kids to school last week. The radio is on, and "Cowboy Cassanova" is playing. Hunter says, "Mah, I like this song, turn it up!" I do. He rocks out in the back seat, and as Carrie's song winds down, he giggles. "Mah, on the TV her booooobies were stickin' out."
I laughed so hard I almost had to pull over.
Wow, Hunter. Okay.
Thought that was bad enough? Seconds later he marched down the church steps to his classroom door and spit out, in a loud cackle, "Boobies!"
I blushed. Which, if you know me, I don't really do. I looked his teacher in the eye and stupidly added, "He's learning about anatomy." She added, with a smirk, and slight giggle, "Oh, is that what he said?"
I should have kept my mouth shut.
It only occurs to me as I'm walking up the stairs to leave that she now thinks I taught my son to call women's breasts, "boobies." Great.


Sarah said...

oh Jamie the last few line of this made me laugh so hard! What does she think you're teaching him to call other parts??

Misty said...

Just make sure you always remember, Carrie Underwood was his first known celebrity crush. Ought to make him turn 9 shades of red when he's an angsty teenager.

Amy G said...

Ok, I love this. A lot.