Sunday, November 8, 2009

Glorious Autumn

Born and raised in the southern California coastal town of San Pedro, the autumns of the midwest I experience today existed only in the pictures we drew in grade school as we learned about the elusive "seasons." Seriously, no trees changed to brilliant colors, no cool days came to stay, even Christmas brought 70 degrees and a yard full of roses in bloom in my grandmother's backyard. The concept of the season felt like a story to me, a fairy tale, one that came true when I moved to the midwest.

Perhaps my infatuation with Autumn stems from my appreciation for it. The colors seem impossible. The temperatures so perfect, neutral, refreshing, comfortable. The chance that all living things outdoors get the chance to go rest, go dormant, and change form seems so right. I also like to change form, add the layers of clothes, change the colors of the accesories in my home, see something different out the same window. I have to soak autumn up. I simply must. Through drives, walks in the wood, photos, foods. I don't long for summer, I barely feel the pain of watching my garden settling in for hibernation. Fall is just that satisfying. I don't find myself waiting for the winter I also love. Sure, a fall snow is nice, but fall is enough.

I took all of these pictures on an afternoon drive with my family. I'm like a kid at Disneyland, "Oh, honey, turn this way, look at that! Oh my God, did you see that? Are you seeing these colors!"


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