Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Spirit!

I have started putting out the Christmas decorations. The house is sparkling, and so am I. No matter what day I have glitter in my hair or on my sweater. The weather is finally cooling, and lots of snow possibilities have crept into the forecast. Yipee!
Despite all these wonderful things, I have been very negative and irritable, and I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. To keep the griping short (because I despise complaining), my back hurts, my feet hurt, my fibromyalgia is bothering me more than normal, and my basic responsibilities are too much. The kids are also in an extremely demanding stage, and I can barely muster the energy to give them their basic necessities.
I can honestly say I have never had trouble getting into the holiday groove before. Never. Not even close. I love the holidays... I love the music, the sparkle, and I hope my funk goes away in time for me to appreciate the glow around me.
I was particularly cranky one afternoon and decided to set the dining room table. I felt a little better right away.

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