Friday, August 6, 2010

Yosemite Album

For some time now I have been working on an album from our 2008 trip to Yosemite.
It's filled with random nature shots, the kids galavanting in a meadow, deer encounters, and my first time facing a real live bear! Some of my favorite scrapbook pages in the album follow:

I love the color scheme here. This was my first time in Yosemite in autumn.

One of my all-time favorite photographs. I have it framed in our house.

I mix horizontal pages in throughout.

I included an enevelope with holes punched and reinforced. I put the Yosemite newspaper in there. In another one, I placed the map of where our cabin was, and the papers from our reservation.

On of my favorite elements of this album is the transparency page. In between two "slicks" I put one transparency with hole punched in it to act as a semi-page. the 4 x 6 pictures are back to back, and the two sided tree die-cut gets twice the use.
Here's the back side.
Right now, this is last page of the album. I have a few more pages to do from our stop at the Sequoia's and Ben's getting carsick, and then I will done.
Happy scrapping!

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