Monday, August 16, 2010

Been Knittin'

We had a couple rainy days, and I pulled out the old knittin' tools. I have baskets of half used skeins of yarn I used to make these totally artsy-fartsy hats.

I plan on adding an inventory back to my Etsy shop when we return from our upcoming camping trip. I also have some ideas in my head. My hands can't work as fast as my head.
Happy Summer!


Misty said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE the pink-and-purple one! Almost makes me wish I lived someplace cold. Almost. :)

Jamie said...

Thanks! I made some similar hats for the girls in Ben's preschool class last year, and they all wore them all winter long-- so cute with their pink and purple coats and snow pants. The boys had green, blue, orange, etc. So adorable!