Tuesday, August 3, 2010

County Fair

One of our favorite things about where we live is our gret County Fair; it's the oldest 4-H fair in the country actually. We love everything about it! This year we almost didn't get to go. I locked myself and the boys out of the house, and the locksmith got the better part of of our fair budget, but my mom swooped in and saved the day with a little donation. Thanks, Grandma!
We always start with the animals.

Hunter is a born natural with animals.

We also took the boys to their first rodeo!

Hunter was in heaven with all the cowboys!

The last day of the fair meant all day ride passes. Wow! The boys must have gone over and over for up to 40 rides. They ran from ride to ride, sometimes just getting right back in line for the same ride over and over.

Hunter's favorite part is the slide. He flies down super fast and laughs so hard!

We took a break from the 87 degree heat and sun to hide in the shade at the corn crib.

The boys noticed someone else loading up their shirt with corn, and they could not resist making huge fat bellies with buckets or corn. They laughed so hard!

Then back to the rides! They were fearless on the rollercoaster!

A beautiful day!

Happy Summer!

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gina said...

I am so happy you got to go. And as bummed as the situation was, Theo looks mighty happy in these pics. I adore your sweet family!