Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random February Shots

Hi blog friends! I feel like it's been forever since I've posted here. On Sunday we upgraded my photo storage thanks to a donation from my grandma and grandpa, who view the blog daily. It took until today for the space to carry over to blogger. I was so excited to finally get a picture to upload! Finally, I can share some pictures of the kids from February! These were taken just after Hunter's first in-store big boy haircut (normally mommy does it). He's sleeping in the thinking chair, and holding his precious cat Tabatha. PS: Tabatha is now pregnant (not in the picture), and due to have kittens in about a month (approximately). Anyone need crazy barn cat offspring?

Laura Jane

A random shot of ice fisherman on a lake in Madison! Isn't this wild, Californians? Life here is a lot like the movie Grumpy Old Men.

Brother love, another shot from around Valentine's Day.
And the crazy barn cat, Tabatha, in a tree in the front yard. She's wild!

Hunter wears a Tigger mask from Grandma Anita.

Ben schools dad at poker. LOL!

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