Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My girlfriend Jocelyn, who I have known since 1994, came up to see us at the beginning of March. We had a great visit! We drove up to Madison to see our friends since before college, Sarah and Ben, and their kiddos, too. We all met at the Madison Children's Museum. We had such a fun time:

Jocelyn and Hunter play in the rock table.

After playing we walked for a quick lunch. Ben told Sarah in the museum that he'd like to "sit next to her at the restaurant and hold her hand" while they walked there. He's such a little flirt! He's up in front here with Srah under the umbrella.

Here are Harry and Hunter, two little Buzz Lightyear lovers! We plan on getting together for a play date again sometime soon--these two really got along well.
Two exhausted museum goers.

Fun day!


gina said...

Great pics Jamie! Looks like it was a great playdate!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks! It was a totally fun time!