Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Fashion Show

The boys have been getting up very early, sometimes 3:30am, long before mom and dad open their eyes, and dressing themselves. I snapped a few pictures of their best outfits yet.
Here's Ben in a T-shirt, pj bottoms and snow boots.

Hunter in pajamas and cowboy boots, of course.

Hunter choses pajamas whenever he can. Here he's in a nice shirt with some clashing pajama bottoms.

Ben all dressed and ready for school in a hoodie, shorts, and tall black socks (with his crime fighting badge).

Hunter got a package from Tony, and he dressed himself in all the sponge bob wears he received. Two T-shirts, swim trunks and sandals.

Inspiring, eh? Kind of makes you want to go try on your craziest gear?

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gina said...

I love the crime fighting badge. Way to accessorize!!!