Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Fun

This Easter the bunny must have known we needed to go to see the family in Chicago on Sunday, because he visited us Saturday instead. He brought lots of chocolate, gadgets, water bottles, games, and more...

Ben's favorite find was "Molly," a Thomas the Tank Engine character.

Hunter loved this Diego puzzle and quickly figured out how to do it over and over again.

The EB also brought the boys these bug houses. They love their bug houses, and have been putting various bugs in them outside ever since.

Hunter also got this cool flashlight that makes fun outdoorsy sounds.
And of course, tons of chocolate.
Ben's chocolate "crossing." He's hilarious. We can tell him a hundred times it's a "cross," and he still calls it a "crossing."

Later, when it warmed up outside, the boys searched for Easter eggs in the yard.

I love my brother!

Just 4 young boys playing in the backyard.
Hope everyone had a nice Easter!


gina said...

Crossing--too funny! Looks like it was a great Easter. Your boys are adorable.

Jamie said...

Isn't that funny, Gina? We laugh about it all the time.