Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ben's First Ice Skating Lesson

Back in December Ben began asking for ice skates. Of course, Grandma Anita was willing to get him some, but it occured to us he's growing so much still that renting skates at lessons might be more feasable. Days later a flyer for skating lessons appeared in Ben's school cubby. Soon, we found ourselves taking lessons at the local ice rink. Here's Ben at his first class; he is the red hat closest the right, behind the white poofy hat.

Here, Ben goes on the ice for the first time; his instructor is right beside him.

Here's Ben on the ice with his instructor.

Ben mid-fall. He did a lot of falling! And laughing.

Here goes Ben again!
Lots more pictures of skating to come, he had 4 more lessons after this!

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