Saturday, January 26, 2013

Working on it.

Still going strong here. 

For the most part.

Yesterday was my biggest struggle day- I was just hungry all day. I indulged the idea of baking cookies. I thought about ice cream. I let the thoughts flow through my mind, but I didn't follow through because I didn't think I could avoid eating them all.

I luckily had my flex points available, so I used them. I indulged some of the carb and sugar cravings in the form of a weight watchers muffin, snack bar, and one piece of chocolate and then had hearty dinner- crab stuffed flounder, scallops and peas, and two baked potatoes. Yes. Two. With sour cream and margarine.

I tracked and weighed every darn morsel, and this morning I woke up without the feeling I needed to eat more. I am reluctantly going to the gym this morning. I know I will feel better afterward. Right now I feel bloated, and want to lay on the couch in my robe- but the truth is, the gym is going to make me feel a ton better, wake my body up, and help me achieve my goals.

In other news... this was an amazing week for my Etsy shop. I never would have imagined I would still be selling scarves! Last January I sold one scarf, and this January I am teetering on 80 sales, and the month still isn't over. I am having a blast with new fabrics- and colors. Adding a white and daffodil yellow scarf to the shop this week- as customers have requested the items, allowing me the time to make something new and different while still fulfilling orders.

I'm still longing to get back to making unique items- using the stash of yarn I have accumulated- as well as other crafts like scrapbooking... but the chance to make a little income for my family and grow my business far trumps this longing. :)

I added this nectarine hued scarf yesterday.

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