Friday, January 11, 2013

Overeating Issue

I'm pretty excited about how different this journey feels this year. I am taking as many moments as I can to consciously not look back.  In the past, when I have had successful weight loss I've taken two approaches. The first time I had no intention of ever going back to eating too much. I was great at counting, and counted my points every day for 3 years as easy as breathing. I also excercised every day almost. Then we moved to Wisconsin, struggled emotionally and financially, our gym closed, and I had a few weeks of falling off track that ended with finding out I was pregnant- to which I responded by eating myself into oblivion. The deprivation I had endured for 3 years snowballed into this "spoiling" myself with whole pizzas and batches of cookies/cookie dough. There were some great things about my methods during the successful phase, like lightening up some great recipes (recipes long since gone), but overall, it wasn't a great balance, and it didn't work for real life.

The other times (twice more I have lost near 80-100 lbs) I always had this lingering idea that once I lost the weight I could go back to having dozens of cookies at Christmas, and eating too much in general. I told myself this was a permanent change, but left the possibility of overeating available, and took it once in while, usually spiraling into more and more overeating, and the weight all coming back.

This time, I my focus is entirely on pushing as far away from overeating as I can.  I want to eliminate the overeating from my life completely. I am pushing myself to adapt the things I crave, and the amounts I crave. I'm adjusting the lense. I'm using the word "overeating," which I don't think I've ever acknowledged as a problem before. I just feel better about it.

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