Thursday, April 28, 2011


All this rain has me going crazy! I love rain, and as a gardener, it makes my life easier. Just so happens that I'm trying to transplant a good portion of my garden, and I'd like to get everything potted up while it is just breaking dormancy- and mother nature will just not stop dumping rain on us. I've been living in muddy boots and clothes- even grocery shopping in them, because the second the rain stops, I run out and get a little work done. Last night, I even had mud in my hair before I showered. So silly.

But yesterday, the rain was just too much- lasting too long. I did my household chores, and found myself standing here with nothing to do. Scrap!

I found these two layouts from my last scrap-time, and thought I'd share it. I love the colorful boyish papers on the market right now, and my mom bought me some Ali Edwards stamps I am LOVING playing with.

I made this lengthy layout yesterday. This is one of my favorite kinds- stream of consciousness journaling about one of the kids to capture his essence at the time. I'm certain in 20 years I will cherish these layouts.

And this fun one of for the 2011 family album, documenting something the boys do all the time now- play legos together, build something, and come together to share the story.

Happy spring everyone!

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