Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Relaxing Easter!

We headed down to Pekin, Il for a nice visit with Theo's side of the family from last Thursday until yesterday. We had planned on returning Sunday morning early so Theo could head back to Minnesota for a early flight to Phoenix Monday, but while mowing his mom's lawn a rock hit our car window and shattered it to bits. All the window distributors were closed all weekend, so we were "stuck" relaxing a bit more, and spending more time together. Costly, but we're all better now.

While there we celebrated an early birthday for this little lump:

Everyone came over for an Easter style dinner with ham and hot potato casserole. I made this over-the-top bunny cake with a foot of frosting on top. Hunter enjoyed playing baseball with daddy and his Uncle Trash, and having a water gun fight with his brother aunt, and cousin. We (mom and dad) got Hunter a grown-up adjustable T for batting practice. He played with it all week long, between rain showers. He also marched around in his new Buzz Lightyear flip flops, belt, and tennis shoes care of Memaw.

Sunday morning the big Bunny delivered some generous baskets full of trinkets and candy. Notice Hunter's huge mouthful of cadbury egg?

My generous sons each gave me one of their Cadbury eggs. Not the least of the reasons I began weight watching again this morning, for the first time in months. Feels good to get this first day over with. The boys have been enjoying the markers the bunny brought- as well as work books about cool stuff, like Jesus, Math and Scooby Doo.

Speaking of Scooby- we've begun planning Hunter's at-home-with-kids-from-school birthday party and he asked for a Scooby theme. Grandma Anita ordered plates, etc. and a pinata, and even treated Benjamin to a Shaggy costume to wear. Wow, right?

Oh, and here's a grainy cell phone picture of the house we will be officially renting in Minnesota. Theo gets the keys in a few short days. So excited to have a cottage to go with my cottage style garden and style. We move up at the end of the school year- about one month from now. CAN'T WAIT!!

Happy Spring!

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