Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funny Conversations.

Awesome conversation in the car this morning with Hunter Joe after we dropped of Ben at school. H: Mom, when I g-wow up who is gonna be my mom? Me: I'm always going to be your mom. You only get one mom. When you grow up you don't live with your mom, you live with your wife and make a family of your own. H: How do we know who our wife ih gonna be? Me: When you grow up, you go out and meet people, and when you find someone you really like, and you get along with well, you ask them to be your wife. H: How do you know? Me: You just feel right together, you enjoy them. H: Is it duh ring? Me: Oh, yes, you know if someone is already married if they have a ring on. Yes. H: What ih day are already married? Me: Then you don't ask them. Wondering if I should have elaborated on this. H: Duh Daphne have a ring on? Referencing some recent pictures he saw of Scooby, Shaggy, and Daphne at Universal Studios with Flat Stanley and Grandma. He's been talking about how pretty Daphne is for the last 24 hours. Me: Laughing. No, I don't think so, Hunter. H: Okay, well, I will look when I am there. Me: Okay. pauses H: Daphne is already married. She ih married to Freddy. Me: Oh yeah? Did you see them get married? H: No. You juh know, mom. Later. H: Mom, do grown-up-ez ever get wii taken away for the ret of the day? Me: laughing No, grown ups can do what they want. They don't get in trouble. H: I want to be a grown-up den. Even Later. H: Mom, I don't wanna die. Me: You won't any time soon. You could live a long, long time. H: Like a thousand? Me: No, but some people live longer than a 100 years. H: How long ih that? A long time. Me: Yes, that's a pretty long time. Going inside we see a man walking his tiny dog. H: Mom, dat dog is so cute. It ih tiny. Me: Yeah. H: Why are all dogs different? Waura is not dat mall. Me: All dogs are different sizes and shapes, just like people. H: Yeah, like on wii. Duh people are all dih-ent. Some have gray faces, and peach faces. Right? Me: Right. At home later. H: Mom. Daphne is prettier dan you. Me: Yes, she is.


Neil Johnson said...

Hi, Jamie:

I'm Neil Johnson, a reporter with the Janesville Gazette. I was recently forwarded and read with interest a blog post of yours which outlined your home sale situation.

I wonder if you'd consider an interview on your experience. I think it puts a human face on a big local issue which we've touched on in recent reports--the housing sale market and "shadow inventory" that's making even honest homes in decent neighborhoods a tough sell.

You can reach me on my cell at 815-910-9606 at any time or this coming week at the Gazette at 608-755-8263.

Hope to hear from you,

Neil Johnson

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

Neil, I just read your comment today. I've been out of town. I will contact you at a time when I don't have both my kids hollering in the background.

Our situation is a bit unique, being a military family forced to move. Lots of details to cover. Perhaps email would be a better forum?