Thursday, December 3, 2009

'tis the season...

We had our first snowfall in the last 24 hours. Last night, around 10pm, I looked out the front window to see giant, fat snowflakes falling down in the street light. While they accumulated on the shrubs and grass the snow had all melted by morning. But, not to worry, by 10am it was snowing again. I would say we got 3 inches or so, but most of it continued to melt throughout the day. I had my annual doctors appointment in Edgerton this afternoon, just a few miles from here, and they had much more snow than us! I grew up in dry, arid southern California where it literally never snows. So, I love snow. Snow if magical. Snow is like a dream for me. Plus, it really makes it feel like Christmas!

I don't take snow for granted. To me, God dumps glitter on my landscape so I can enjoy it. I can fluff it around me in the air, watch my son Hunter eat handfuls of it, revel in my dog as she frolics through it. I will never live in a place without snow again. In fact, I want more than southern Wisconsin can provide, and I'm living in here during some record setting years.
So imagine my delight when my son Ben informed me today that he equates snow with Christmas. He's always had a white Christmas here in southern Wisconsin. At least a few flurries... so he asks me, "Mom? Does this snow today mean Christmas is finally here?" I had to explain to him, using the advent calendar that the snow simply means winter is coming, and Christmas is just one day, and is won't be here for 23 more days. Yikes, that is getting close.
More on the advent calendar. It's a boxy wooden version from Target last season. Big enough to stick a few candies or really tiny toys in. Matchbox cars don't even fit. Think really small. Ben and Hunter are absolutely 100% convinced the elves come and put the candy in the boxes sometime during the day, and only if they are good boys, eating their dinner and picking up their toys. Tonight, Dad even pretended to hear the elves in the kitchen. So far, the box has helped Hunter to assist in clean up 3-4 times, and all I have to say, "Do you want the elves to only put one candy in the box, just for brother, today?" Genius.
I also have my older son convinced Santa uses my wrapping paper to wrap the presents on Christmas Eve. Santa also throws the boxes of trash from pre-built toys into our garage as he sets everything up. Ben even thinks Santa gets some stuff from Walmart when his toy shop can't make it.
Yes, I'm still a great actress.
And my kids are super gullible.
My brother believed in Santa until he was 11. It can happen. Magic is real in our family.

So, I've been busy. I eliminated several bins of Christmas decor from the kitchen yesterday, sending them empty to the basement. Most of the Christmas stuff is up now, give or take a few things here and there. Some of my favorite things right now include my white kitchen tree:
I found these sparkling ornaments last year after Christmas on clearance, and I knew immediately I wanted to hang them from the light in the dining room. My grandma always hung beautiful ornaments made by my 6th grade teacher from her dining room light.
Perhaps my favorite part of the house is my china hutch. The cabinet itself was my birthday present this spring, so this is it's first Christmas here. I put a garland and lights on top, and added some snowflakes in antique silver (from the dollar store!!!), and a gold garland I grabbed from Martha Stewart crafts in Micheals two Christmases ago on clearance for around $2. I would have bought more and given them as gifts, but it was the last one. You can barely see I have candy in candy dishes, as well my collection of vintage Christmas ornaments inside the cabinet. Anyway, favorite part of the house.

And, of course, the tree. Since this picture was taken I actually put twice the amount of ornaments on the tree. I'm going to take another photo tomorrow. I like the tree to look like it might topple over any second. Our 5 cats might make my wish come true if I'm not careful.
This little guy came from Cracker Barrel on Christmas last year. I love him and all his glittery goodness. The more sparkle, the better.

Merry Christmas season everyone!

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