Monday, December 21, 2009

The boy's had their annual Christmas show this last week, and I surely took a ton of pictures. Here are a selection of my favorites.
Ben is in the brown robe with brown shoes, and Hunter is in the purple wiseman costume.

Hunter up close.

Ben is smiling in the middle here.

Hunter had trouble staying focused.

Last lyrics to one song were to lay down, and they jumped.

A little bit of imprtant nose-picking by Hunter.

Later that evening the kids sang a few songs in church also.
Hunter points out something in the church balcony for his buddy to see.
Hunter stretches far enough up so he shows off his tummy.

Hunter shows his girlfriend Isabell the manger scene located behind them, as the other kids sing.

Making a Bible with their hands.

I made my grandma's recipe, "rich people's small cookies." Potato flour and red raspberry preserves are involved, Yum!

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Sarah said...

OMG-- those pictures are priceless-- I love that wen Hunter gets bored he lays with his little cheeks. what a doll. and Ben of course is as handsome and charming as ever-- such a ladies man :)