Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friday morning.

It seems in the Rex household we have a bit of what-can-go-wrong-will-go-wrong curse. Whether its the DVD player, the dryer, dishwasher, roof, fence, or sofa; if it's breakable, it will break at the most inopportune time. For sure.
Friday morning, we found the ice scraper Theo had broken Thursday morning was, apparently, the only one we had. The second was missing. Still is. This would easily fixable. Theo could go out and start his car, blast the heat, and eventually, the layer of ice on the windshield would melt, and he could see well enough to drive to work. Unless, the heater in that car didn't work. Turns out, Thursday morning Theo drove to work in sub zero temps with no heater; by the time he reached 35 minute-away destination he could no longer feel his toes. No heater. No ice scraper. That car isn't going anywhere.
This Friday he would need to take my car, meaning he would need to find a ride to school for Ben. Friday's are for 5-year-old's only. Enter our good friend Casey, who hauled Ben to and from school that day. Leaving Hunter and I stranded in the house for the morning. Like my home-body minds. :)
Here is Ben, all dressed up for school, waiting for his ride, while Hunter colors in his house attire.

This weekend we have fixed Theo's heater, and acquired an ice scraper, but Theo's tire was flat by Saturday evening, just an hour before we were supposed to be at a Holiday party. haha...

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gina said...

How frustrating! It always happens in three's right?! Looks like you're good for awhile :)