Friday, March 2, 2012

Making flowers was not enough...

My urge to create has made yet another crossover, or, er, expansion. I have long been sewing pillows, table runners, curtains, and I even started a quilt... but I have now become obsessed with making fabric scarves. I have spent the last few years walking around the retails touching every fabric scarf, wishing I could have a vast selection in my own closet. Looking at the ones I could afford, maybe in the $5-$20 range I found the patterns lacking, and selection depleted. I started hunting down the fabrics that spoke to me, and became determined to figure out how to make them into the scarves I love. Tada! And you know what? They are selling well, too. Win-win. Go check them all out! And as always, custom orders welcome!
Happy Spring!

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