Sunday, March 4, 2012

Drill Weekends.

Why are they so rough? Most of the time drill weekends are complete pandomonium. Theo gets up super early, like 3am early, and the kids are up by 5am usually. I got poopy sleep, battling a sinus infection. Going to the doctor and asking to see the ear nose and throat doc in this neck of the woods asap. I hope I don't have to have surgery again. I fell asleep with my brand new contact lenses in and when I got up to pee at midnight I figured I was downstairs (no bathroom upstairs here) I should take them out. I dropped the left contact. Blindly fumbled for it like 20 minutes only to find it was actually in the case already- it is just so thin and invisible I could not see it in there. Once I was back upstairs I tossed and turned and could not fall back asleep. On the bright side, I did get the snuggle up Theo. He may have been snoring, but he was there. Love that part of our marriage. Since we met we have gone to bed at the same time every night, give or take a dozen nights (minus the deployment). I am so glad his unit is 2 minutes away and drill weekends he still gets to come home and have a late dinner with us. Seriously incredible cuddle time closeness every night.

I am not a morning person. Once was. Now, not so much. I don't even process anything until after I have had one cup of coffee. Well, I did gain .8 lbs this week. I freaking processed that. Dern Cadbury Eggs. The kids feel like small begging puppies at my feet until that coffee is gone. Around 10am I start to feel like my blood is flowing again. By then, most things have fallen apart
Every cat toy is out. I've dropped thread scraps, needles, thread strips. But I've made a few pretty things. Breakfast happened. I even weighed my cereal so I can WW count it. So that's good.

The boys seem to eat all day long. As soon as one meal is down they start asking for the next. I've created the concept of limitless foods, re: food they can eat all day without asking. They can have as much carrots, cuties, large oranges, apples, or bananas as they want. If none of those things "sound good," they have to wait until lunch/snack/dinner. I'm trying to follow the policy also.

They seem to make extra messes on drill weekends. Like small tornados. They break all the rules. One lego bin out at time turns quickly into 6, and half of them are dumped out. There are legos, pretzel crumbs, popcorn kernals (last night's snack), go-gurt wrappers all strewn about. Ugh. Clean up time. I have to ask 20 times. Literally. Ben ends up angry he has to clean and goes and pinches a sharp lego into the palm of Hunter's hand. On purpose. I have to seperate them just to keep Hunter safe. No more legos the rest of the day.

Times heals the frustration and Hunter asks if he can go back to helping Ben clean. Ben is finished cleaning and tries to go the extra mile. "Can I clorox wipe the table and vaccuum?" Sure thing, dude. My heart is warmed.

Later, "Can I have legos back since I cleaned?" "Nope. You had 20 chances, and you shouldn't have hurt your brother for no reason." Hmm. Should have known he was up to something. Nevertheless, I'm glad he finally realized how hard it is to clean up the things he spills.

A quick shot of them playing blissfully in the playroom earlier this week. Realized I have a shortage of everyday shots from the last 6 months or so. So. Here's this.

Somewhere around 9 more hours until drill weekend is over, and Theo still work 5 more day this week. Lately, it feels like every weekend is drill weekend. I know both Theo and I are so ready for our little mini-vacation to California in a few weeks.

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