Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kitchen Love

Yesterday was beautiful. Highs in the 60's and sunny. A slight breeze. I went out and played in the mud a little. I shuffled leaves around and looked for spring growth. I sprinkled some columbine & hollyhock seeds around- if they don't germinate from the remaining cold we have coming, I know I will see them the next spring. We pulled the patio furniture out. I know it will still snow, and get super cold, but for now we have a 7 day forecast of all 70's a major record breaker for this part of Minnesota. And I want to sit outside and soak it all up.

Putting this house together has some slowly. Afterall, we've been here almost a year now! But this January I finally got to put some love into the kitchen. The walls were a delightful gray-blue when we moved in, not the chartruese I would prefer, but coordinates nice enough with my blue collections.
My mom bought us some new cookware for Christmas/anniversary.

My blue and white bowl , and milk glass vase collection grows everyday. Since January I have added a half dozen more, most I found for $1!!

Really don't like the cords where they are, but haven't come up with anything to cover them up.
I finally found something to put above the shelves. Initially I was searching for a quirky sign that said, "Bakery," or "Pastries." I finally gave in and painted this shelf I had in the basement, and loaded it up with with this tray I found for like $3, and a couple blue dishes from my stash. Since then I have added a $2 periwinkle blue dish... I need to take more pictures.

Don't forget the giveway on the The Pretty Life Anonymous blog announces a winner today.
Happy spring!

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