Thursday, December 1, 2011

Irresistable Photo Op

I had some of my knit goodies for sale in a local occasional sale shop called Second Hand Rose today. I went to enjoy the morning chaos of the December opening day, and had a great time exploring, listening to like-minded shoppers enjoy the junk and festivities... it was wonderful. Very nice way to spend the rare couple hours of freedom I get while Hunter is in preschool!

My mom saw some of the cool stuff SHR has on their facebook page, and insisted I get some pictures of her grandkids there. Tonight I took the boys, and showed them where my scarves and hats were for sale. I would say it really helped them understand why I knit so much. I mean, I have showed them the online shop, but they don't really get it- but seeing scarves in the shop- they GET it. Ben was so cute, telling everyone who walked by: "My mom made those!" It was an unanticipated little treat for me.

And one of these must be the Christmas card this year!

*I will share pictures of my new cabinet later!

Happy holidays!

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