Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The more I think about it, the more I love making things with my own two hands.

Pillows. Fudge. Curtains. Cookies. Cakes. Hats. Scarves. Mittens. Cards. Scrapbooks. Ornaments. Painting.

Perhaps it's the economic situation we're in, or the disdain I have for big box stores. Maybe it's just the idea that when a crafter is paid for their work, money goes straight into the hands of a consumer who values handmade, homemade, not into the abyss of corporate America, values unknown. No matter what, I think it is safe to say can feel good about buying handmade. And I feel good about making homemade.

This year, I won't have the time to make handmade gifts. And I'm bummed about it! The last few Christmas's I have given mostly handmade gifts. I made scarfs for everyone a few years ago, and last year I gave a mish-mash of hats and fingerless mittens. I've also made dozens of ornaments and these Victorian cones:

I kept this one for myself. I used the cones to house the ornaments I made, as a giftbag of sorts, but also suggested the cone itself would be a great tree ornament. I use bits of pieces of wrapping and tags from other gifts, plus supplies from craft stores. I hang my cone on our china cabinet.

Another Christmas craft I love: Santa hats! I made this green one for jamiesierraknits, my Etsy shop. Hunter is modeling the hat for me.

And after an invigorating trip to Archiver's where I actually had time to do a free make-and-take card for my mom:

I came home and took about a half hour to whip out a few Christmas cards for close friends and family. Bummed you can't see all the glitter! But, trust me, it glitters!

Happy handmade Holidays!

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