Saturday, December 3, 2011

Who run the world? Felines.

Or Hunter. Depending on how you look at it.

A short pictorial essay on sunbathing cats, featuring our cats' biggest fan, Hunter Joe, a.k.a. the giant kid.

A peaceful day, Toby's just enjoying the heat from the sun and the heater. Mama cat is behind him.

All was right with the world, until the giant kid showed up.

He tries to see what the big deal is?

Schmoopy watches from the safety of my heated lap blanket, recalling the wrath of the kid.

Schmoopy retells the story of the giant kid who snatched Toby from a sunbathing slumber.

This is the dog toy basket. Surely every cat wants to nap in the dog toy basket.

It appears Toby is being held against his will, only when the giant kid tires of torture...

HOURS LATER: I think he killed him. Quick, help me get him out of the basket.

Have you seen how fat he is? There's no way we can get him outta there.

Quit licking your butt, and listen to me.

The end.


gina said...

So cute Jamie! I miss having a cat. Eugene's allergies don't.

Jamie said...

Aww... we are so a cat family. Even Theo has come to love them.