Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Time of Year

I could spend all day at a pumpkin patch, staring at each pumpkin deciding it's personality, imaginin what it could be. I love their shapes, sizes, colors, bumps, and bends. So it should come as no surprise that we visit several patches each fall. Usually one on a field trip, one for donuts and play time, and then another to buy the pumpkins. We were shown a great little fmily farm that sells their pumpkins 4 for $10; it's on a quiet rural road and has a table with a cash box. There is something so charming about trust. I love it, and glady give them my $20 each fall.

The boys have big plans for their pumpkins. This year I am letting them carve their own. Even bought then their own knifes. Ben wants his to be a vampire, and Hunter wants his to be a monkey. Hence, the monkey pose.

Really happy with the boys' individual pumpkins shots!

Happy Pumpkin Hunt to you all.

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gina said...

Pumpkin patches are the best! This time of the year is my absolute favorite. Your pics are adorable!