Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little Autumn Fishing

The warmth of yesterday afternoon (68-70F) lured us outside for a little evening autumn fishing on the Rock River. We quickly ate dinner, and headed out to Theo's favorite spot.

Theo was still in his hunting clothes, he took Laura out for a few hours just before we fished.

Hunter and Benjamin were excited to bring some of the candy from grandma's packages with them for snacks.

Ben loves Butterfingers, but I don't buy them a lot of candy. This was an awesome treat for him. He woke up and asked for another first thing this morning, too. Cried his eyes out when I would not give him a butterfinger at 5am. Nice.

We don't pay for me to have a fishing license. I prefer to sit in my cozy leopard camp chair with my knitting or a magazine.

I love watching the water. I want to live on a river someday.

The shore, with the sand, rocks, and fallen leaves was so pretty to me.
The breeze was strong and the water was calm: the result was leaves floating through the air and landing on the water.

The boys caught one fish, a sheephead. Apparently they do not taste good, so we put him back.
My Wisconsin boys.

We stopped at the Indianford dam and watched some guys catching walleye. The sunset was pretty.
Happy Autumn.

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