Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ben's 6th Birthday Party!

Today we had a party to celebrate Ben's 6th birthday. We had a Halloween theme again this year, and asked all the kids to wear costumes. It was 85F today, a stark contrast to the 40F temps from last year. We had the whole party outside! Ben wore his brand new soldier costume and looked just like his daddy.

I made yummy cupcakes and loved decorating them with Halloween themed sprinkles.

My mom paid for the boys to rent this bouncy house for 4 hours. This was the greatest thing ever- not a single dull moment the whole party!

Theo actually got inside the bouncy house to kill a bee, and all the kids jumped on him.
Here is Ben with a few of his buddies.

I made these party hats from some basic metallic looking hats, boas, garlands, glitter pom poms and hot glue.

Hunter rocked his Scooby Doo costume!
Here is Hunter swinging at the pinata.

Here are all the adorable kiddos.

Happy Autumn.


gina said...

Happy Birthday Ben. Looks like it was a blast!

Sarah said...

WOW! Cutest party ever, Jamie. I can't believe your little man is 6 already :)

happy birthday to ben