Sunday, September 9, 2012

Almost Sweater Weather

I know a lot of people do spring cleaning. Maybe because I'm a gardener I don't do too much deep household purging in the spring. In fact, I bring more mud in than I put things out. But Fall always makes me want to clean up before we get locked in for winter. Last week I did the kids closets and drawers. This week, I've been going through my closets, and I already have a whole trash bag of stuff ready to go... My favorite part of this is playing with my clothes. I've put together some cute outfits, and I have the itch to share them with whomever is reading... so here's today. As you know, I'm cheap as shit... so this is my $6 short sleeve sweater from JC penney's plus size clearance rack. Found this last month, but I was in the store last week, and they still had tons for $8-$12. Lots of great colors, including this cream, navy, apple green.
I paired this one with an olive green shirt that is so, so soft. My favorite part of this pairing is that the sleeves match up perfectly that just a little green pokes out on each arm, and just the right amount at the v-neck of the sweater, too. Tee is from Old Navy, and I think I paid *maybe* $3 for it. The jeans are almost too big, so they are so comfortable. And since I am going NO WHERE all day, I'm in my favorite target slippers and comfy socks. Gonna be 71 today. This outfit should be perfect.
 This amber and olive bead necklace was a gordmans's cearance find for $3, maybe less, Sloppy side braid, no make up. No contact lenses. Perfect.
Plans are to post these things as often as possible. But you know how I am with plans... so maybe not?
Happy pre-fall folks!

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