Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Of July Fireworks

Possibly the hottest 4th of July we've ever had, as temps hovered above 90 before 9am, we tried to mow the lawn and deadhead some flowers! After showers, we spent most of the day indoors. Our backyard weather clock read 103 at its highest. The kids played checkers and wii with dad, and I piddled around cleaning up, and making food. We ate like kings- a huge fruit salad, leftover sun-dried tomato basil pasta salad, devilled eggs, corn on the cob, grilled steak with baby bella mushrooms and blue cheese, and strawberry pudding pie. (All tracked diligently by this Weight Watcher).

After church, and our farm cow experience, we headed to a neighboring town for fireworks. Last year we sat in the distance, on a hill by the local movie theatre, but were disappointed to miss the lower fireworks, and missed some of the visceral experience of the sounds. This year we got there a bit early, so we drove around, parked, and walked until we could figure out where the fireworks came from. Much to our delight we ended up just in front of where they were set off. On a hillside, we actually had to lay back to see the fireworks- as they literally filled the entire sky above us. I couldn't get the largest ones in my camera frame- they were that close. The sounds were incredible- vibrating against our faces. Hands down, the greatest fireworks experience we've ever had, and not one the boys will soon, or ever, forget. Of course, I took tons of a pictures. Here are my favorites:

 Happy Independence Day, America!


gina said...

You're 4th of July firework pictures are awesome! And Jamie, you look so great. I'd kill for your hair :)

Jamie said...

Thank you, Gina! :)