Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cow Farm!

We went to a nearly empty Wednesday night service at church this week. Yes, it was 4th of July, but we couldn't go the last couple weeks because Theo was out of town, and I don't even try to take the kids without him- and this Sunday he works. Our church doesn't have activities for the kids during the service- Sunday school, only during the school year, is after the service. The kids sit with us in church, and it is super challenging.
So Wednesday the 4th of July it was! The only other people there were farmers from down the street, and they invited us to bring the kids to see their baby cows. Only 2 weeks old! Yes, we were so excited. Here are Ben and Hunter with 2 week old Miss Mabel. She wanted out of that fence so bad, she was darn near jumping it.

More babies! They let us feed them pellets and the calfs just sucked them right out of the your hands. Very cool.
Off to see one section of the steers, fed only corn I think he told us.
They had just sprayed them to keep them cool, so there was a ton of mud everywhere.
I may have been just as excited as the kids! Sidenote: why did I decide to wear my hair down when it was about 103 heat index?
Dairy cows!! I did not know this, but he said when these guys get old they are the best hamburger you'll ever eat, but nothing else. He said when he started farming. some 40 years ago, he tried to get a roast off a dairy cow, and it was no good. Interesting little farm life factoid.
The farmer said they go out and get to roam for a couple hours a day, but when he brings them back in they come right into the fences and position themselves- some even take the same stall each time! I pictured them having to wrangle the cows into the spaces... how cool they just do it on their own. Also, this area was nice and cool with tons of fans, water, air conditioning. Spoiled little ladies.
The boys loved this "brown" one. The farmer called him "red."
And back to the babies for one more dose of cuteness.
Both boys left wanting to be farmers when they grow up!  I said, "Me, too!" We went straight to fireworks from here...

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