Thursday, September 27, 2012

Right now...

Losing my patience with hunter, who can't seem to find anything to keep his attention today. A lot of frustrated, "go play with something!" over and over...

Loving that I snuck a brownie and little mommy love note into Ben's lunchbox this morning. Usually don't get away with this because he checks his lunch before he gets out the door. Not this morning. But even if it is just a surprise on the bus, it is a surprise.

Listening to my cat toby wheezing his sleep apnea snores as he sleeps behind me.

Texting my brother about tv shows.

Playing my newly crafted "creativity playlist," on rhapsody, including james taylor, steve miller, adele, 311, jason derulo, and little big town.

Enjoying puppy kisses from our little georgie. Listening to our laura dog grumble snore under the dining room table.

Looking at the lego thing hunter made this morning, with pipes and doors, and cool colors. He is using my measuring tape to measure everything in sight- including his own height.

Finding an inability to focus today, making this list the perfect distraction.

Wishing I could print up the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I took in Yellowstone, and spend the whole weekend scrapbooking them.

Wanting to decorate my front porch for fall. i have it all planned out, but lacking the energy to get it done.

Burning a "mountain lodge," scented candle and a pumpkin pie tart. noticing i smell less of the mountain lodge candle because I think my house sort of already smells like a mountain lodge.

Getting ready to make lunch for hunter. salami, "white" (swiss) cheese, apples, crackers, yogurt. He's still in his pajamas.

Seeing a very bright sunlight kind of day outside.

Wearing dark jeans, a gray shirt with gold glitter and a flower print, and a taupe sweater. feeling chilly, even in the house. I showered this morning, and blow dried my hair... have been making this a priority for 2 weeks now... no all day in jammies/gardening or cleaning clothes anymore. working that closet to death and love it, and am feeling so much better.

Thinking I need a long sleeve sweater today.

Wearing a necklace with a gold heart that my grandma and grandpa gave me. Getting ready to call my mom. i know my grandma will answer, and I hope she is having a good day, not a bad day. her voice, when it is happy, is so wonderful.

Loving the winter wheat color I painted mmy desk this week. Have to a take a picture!

Going to make some cocoa with my lunch.

Planning to get our pumpkins this weekend, and hopefully some local apples to make apple crisp.

Looking forward to our friday night grocery trip to trader joe's (a couple towns away).

Knitting a brown and cream cowl with sequins this morning.

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