Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last night we went to see Theo play in his first church league softball game. I was hesistant to go because it was stopping raining, and I was worried the boys would not behave. Plus, it was cold and windy. We grabbed some blankets (one waterproof picnic kind), sweaters, and the dog, and headed out. We had the BEST time. Not only did Theo play really well, and the team won 6-3, but the boys were awesome, keeping their butts planted on the bench with me the entire time! There was another young boy there that was making us all crack-up. He was probably about 4, and already sportin' his spiderman jammy pants for the night, but he was also wearing all the accessories to a sheriff woody costume. He talked, and talked, and made us laugh so hard. He kept putting the woody hat on our dog, and at one point tried to ride her as though she was Bullseye.  When I was telling the boy our names I introduced Ben and Laura, and I laughed so hard I cried. All-in-all, I'd have to say it was the most relaxing and fun thing I've done alone with the boys in a long, long time. (Alone, I mean Theo was there but he was with his team the whole time). I'd like to think it was just that my boys are growing up, but I think having their principal and pastor right there on the softball field helped. lol.

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole night was when Ben and Hunter were critiquing Theo's game. Why doesn't dad step right when he throws, etc. And about 6 pitches Hunter freaked out: "Mom, why are they throwing like dis?" motioning a softball pitch. I laughed so hard and explained under hand pitching the best I could.

At home, Hunter and Ben have been stealing every chance they get to play baseball. At the time I had the camera only Hunter wanted to hit, but I felt the need to document how much he loves taking pitches.

The little boys start baseball and t-ball very soon, so I'm sure lots of pictures and stories to come.

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