Thursday, May 17, 2012

Field Trip

I decided, at the very last minute to accompany Hunter on his preschool field trip to the zoo today. I figured, based on his performance yesterday, it wouldn't be fair to have any other mother watching over him all day. He was a monster yesterday, stuck to his guns on not picking up about 30 legos in a little pile for the entire day- I took away wii, tv, playing with friends, and threatened taking away going on the field trip among other things. So glad I went, too... he climbed on every railing he could find, threw sand at the playground, and generally went against the grain. All in all it was actually a pretty pleasant day for me, though. He was entertained, and pretty good for Hunter standards.

I love sloths.
 On huge flamingo, and it is standing on two legs?

 Beautiful sea horses.
 Momma wrestles with baby, and it reminded me of Hunter and I.
And here was the daddy... reminded me of Theo. lol! Big eyebrows and all.
Very cool old wooden carousel.

Beautiful warm day!

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