Monday, April 30, 2012

This morning Hunter and I went to Menard's to get fencing for the garden, stakes, 6 seed packets, and 2 solar lights on clearance for $1.50. At check out Hunter kept talking, hanging on the cart, and the women behind us was uncomfortably close, and the debit card thingy had 2-4 questions and I kept getting distracted, why are all the stores different- walmart has one question, target has like 5? And oh, you have to bag your own stuff, and I don't like taking a bag... Nevertheless, we took our stuff, loaded up the car, and went grocery shopping. When we got home, I unloaded the car, put away groceries, ate lunch and went to work in the yard with Hunter. When I went to plant squash seeds I realized I could not find the seeds I had bought at Menard's. I looked all around the kitchen, car, living room, everywhere. Nothing.

So this evening when I was putting up the fence around the garden and I realized I needed a few more poles I also decided I would check to see if I had left the seeds at the check out. The guy working the later shift did not find the clerk had left the seeds anywhere, so I was sent to the return desk to reprint my reciept (also no where to be found). Sure enough the seeds are on the reciept. The man working the return desk was super patient with me, and asked the supervisor desk if they had the seeds up there anywhere. The supervisor was actually able to check the video footage by having the return desk clerk give her the time and register number. I was thrilled! Thank goodness a video to tell me what happened to these seeds. Turns out, the clerk put the seeds in my hands and I set them on the top of my purse.

Okay, so now where are they?

While I was waiting for the lady to watch the survielance I noticed they actually charged me for 3 $1.50 solar lights, and I only bought two.  The supervisor noted that on the video, so she was able to tell the guy at the return desk. I had to go back to the garden center to get the stakes, so I stopped at the supervisor desk and asked the lady if she could check the parking lot surviellance or ask the cart guys if they had found them. If I can figure out where the seeds are (if someone else found them in the cart and kept them, or if the cart collectors never saw them) I can stop looking for them at home. The return desk guy said if things got slow he would check the carts that had been brought in that evening to see if they were in there.

I explained to both the return desk man and supervisor lady that I have memory problems. I think I may have told them more than once, which probably made me sound even more nuts.

How ridiculous is this? I mean, seriously, I am 33. I think.

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