Monday, February 20, 2012

Things my kids said this week.

-"Hunter, I'm not helping you with Wii anymore. I'm not like some kind of master. You call yourself a master, do it on your own!"
-Hunter: "Mom, I am getting really good and growing tall."
-Hunter sings all day. He makes up lyrics, or sings Rihanna, Adele, Bruno Mars, Gym Class Heroes, and sings more around the house all day. When Ben made a rare turn and began singing along to a commerical the other day Hunter lost it, "Stop singing! I hate it when you sing!"
-When asking when Dad would be home from a week out of the town I told Ben, "Dad will be home in a week, on Friday." Mom, today is Monday. That is 5 days. Not a week."
-After I took 40 minutes in Joanns (mostly due to line, and not my usual dilly dallying and lack of concept of time, the kids told Theo for punishment I should not "be allowed to go shopping Ten Thousand and 92 years."
-"Boom!" Anytime they rock at anything, they puncuate with an enthusiastic, "Boom."
-"You are one bad mamma jamma."
-"Go Ben, go Ben, go Ben," or, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!" To the beat of celebratory party music. With a gyrating dance move to boot.
-Ben walked down the stairs at 5:50am Saturday morning, greeting me at the coffee pot with a groggy, "Why isn't dad making our breakfast yet?"
-Ben said the other day, "Ugh, I wish dad would just put away the laundry, I don't have any clean socks." To which, I replied, "I put the laundry away this morning, and you have a drawer full of them." "Oh."
-To every single bump and tap Ben responds, "Oh my gosh, I think I cracked my ____ bone."
-"I don't wanna take a bath. We just had a bath two days ago."
-When asked to clean up Ben told me, "You hate me."
-Picking out a pair of new shoes for Hunter, he says, "I am still going to just wear my cowboy boots." I added, but these are skate boarding shoes? "Oh, it's about time."
-When my mom visited this winter she taught Hunter that you can say someone is crazy by taking your finger, pointing it towards your ear, and twisting it around. It was a joke at the time... I think the boys wanted to know my their great-grandma, who is suffering some memory loss, called like 80 times a day, and we told them, "Oh, she's just crazy." Of course, we didn't mean it... but kids don't always pick up on that. Well flash forward, and I'm telling Hunter about our upcoming trip to California and he asked, "Does Grandma live with the lady who is... Mom, look at me, I am doing this, (insert crazy sign language)." OMG. I laughed so hard.
Hunter told us a few weeks ago he wants Luke Skywalker hair. Today, pointing out the buzz cuts they got this weekend, Ben said, "Dad cut off Hunter's LukeSkywalkerhair." Hunter jumped to defend himself, "I didn't have LukeSkywalker hair. If I did it would have looks like this, with a little swirly right here. It didn't have a swirly right here."
Later when I asked him to elaborate why his hair didn't look like Luke Skywalkers, "Just because it didn't have the little bump right there. You know like there is a bump right here with a like a little cave in it. (Looks at my face to see I am just not getting it, sighs deep). Just check it out online!"

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