Thursday, February 9, 2012

Schmoopy Love

For those of you who have not already been listening to my rambling on and on about my beloved Schmoopy cat, welcome. I am obsessed with my cat. I held her the second she was born, and have been pretty much in love with her ever since. The long and the short of it? Hunter loved her almost as much as me, and hauled her around the house like a necklace. She rode along willingly, but developed PTSD as a result. For a long time, petting Schmoopy was not an option. She meow up at me, come for treats, and admire me from a distance... until recently. I started by lying on the floor beside her and petting her without confining her. No lifting, grabbing, holding, smothering. Just petting. Gradually she chilled, and rolled, gave me her belly, hung out. She then even came and asked to be pet by lying at my feet and rolling her belly up- the ultimate show of a growing trust. I became even more smitten. She feels like a dang angora sweater kids- it's ridiculous how soft she is.
Flash forward to my acquiring a new electric throw blanket last fall, and he discovering how warm it was. She was sold, and began slowly jumping up beside me no the sofa and laying on the blanket corners. She stopped jumping away when I went to pet her. Today, she follows me everywhere. I mean, everywhere... even the potty. The only place she won't go with me is bed. Probably because she doesn't know there's an electric blanket there, and we let that stinky dog in our bed, too. She is beside me pretty much all day. If I am on the sofa at all, knitting, crafting, napping, no matter, she's beside me. And I am as smitten as I can get.

Look at that fur? How could you not love her?

And a yawn...
Even her little cat tongue is cute? No?

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