Monday, December 27, 2010

We Love Snow Fun in the Backyard!

I could not get enough pictures of the boys and our dog Laura enjoying the snow last week. Here is Hunter when we first went outside.

And Ben, eating snowflakes as they fall.

Stopping to plan what to do next.

I forced them to give one good brother shot before they ran off and went crazy.

Ben had me break this icicle off the house so he could eat it. I broke the sharp part off.

We had snow drifts up to 2.5 feet.

Hunter was covered in snow in no time.

I can't get over how happy Laura was to have us playing in the snow with her!

The boys loved taking all snow off of their clubhouse.
By the time we went in both boys had snow in every crack and crevice. They had so much fun!

Happy Winter!

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