Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hunter's 4th Birthday Party!

I had a blast compiling decoration for a Buzz Lightyear themed birthday party. Hunter loved the balloons the most. I found orb lanterns on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and coordinating streamers. the matching plastic bowls were on clearance from Walmart's spring accessories. After some hunting we found a website that sold some of the Toy Story 3 birthday supples. Our timing could not have been more difficult, as the old TS stuff is put away in the Disney Vault, and the new stuff was set to debut on May 1st, the day of the party. Nevertheless, we made it work, and I love how it turned out.

The plates and napkins were in 3D, but we did not pay the extra $11 to get the 3D glasses. they still had a nice pop to them.

We started the party with Toy Story tatoos for all the kids.
Hunter's Me Maw bought him his very first bike!

I found a Buzz Light year pinata at Toys r Us, and used a 30% off coupon for it. I have never seen a pinata like this: no bat needed. Each kid pulls a string and only one string opens the goodies trap door. We got lucky and the last string opened it up!
Smart mom did not fill it entirely with candy, but instead one bag of candy, and 4 bags of dollar store plastic creepy crawlies.
The cupcake master strikes again. Oh yum!
No Toy Story themed cupcake papers in sight, I used some green metallic Christmas ones, and bought lime green food dye at Hobby Lobby for $1.49! I love the frosting pipe tip that gives it a spacey vibe.

Alien birthday hats!

Goodies cones, to support my obsession with making cones, of course. Simple cardstock and glitter paper, with $.40 ribbons and $.99 crepe paper. The stickers were 50% off, too.

Hunter's very favorite part was the balloons. We ordered a multi-pack online.

Snack time included celery with cream cheese, deviled eggs, a couple frozen pizzas cut in bite size pieces, torilla chips and cheese (Hunter's favorite), pretzels, green m & m's, and pickles.
Blowing out the candles!
Sporting the alien hat and playing with the blowy toy.

Present time was great. Hunter loved all the great presents, including a Toy Story ball, bubbles, punching bag, karate action Buzz doll, and Buzz Lightyear scooter from Grandma Anita.

A nice game of hot potato with a huge ball, and Theo singing in place of music. You bet your arse I video'd him singing. Priceless! Prizes for game winners included Toy Stroy jump ropes, bubbles, frisbees, water discs, and a Buzz Lightyear tech-deck skateboard. Awesome!

Chillin' with McKenzie.
Party is over, time to ride that scooter!

He is so fast, he's had tons of practice on brother's scooter.

No birthday afternoon would be complete without putting on the Buzz Lightyear costume and sporting his new gloves and wrist action Buzz toys, too.

Hunter had a great 4th birthday, and first birthday party!


Misty said...

I love the pinata! Of course, my hater husband interjects, "they want to take all the fun away from kids." Me: "He's FOUR." Him: "Oh." LOL

Happy birthday Hunter. :)

gina said...

You are a genius party decorator! Those cupcakes look delish. Do you use a box recipe or make them from scratch? Happy Birthday to your little Buzz!

Jamie said...

Hilarious, Misty. We kind of thought the same thing as Doug at first, but last year getting a bunch of 2-5 year olds to safely swing a bat was a challenge. Plus, keeping the younger kids back was hard. Also, the bat never broke the pinata. They weren't strong enough. Theo ended up ripping it open. This year, the strings works. :)
Thank you, Gina!
For sake of time I made the cake from a box, but I made the frosting from scratch. I love making frosting!