Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball Star, and Box Fun

We made a brief trip to Pekin, Iliinois to celebrate MeeMaw's birthday last weekend.

Hunter's number one birthday present is quickly becoming his Toy Story baseball glove (I found it at Kohl's). He begs and pleads with us to play with him. Ben's not that into it, so anyone who will play catch with him, is his new best friend. While at MeeMaw's birthday party "Uncle Trash" played catch with Hunter for a bit. Oh man, was Hunter excited!

All these little poses Hunter makes melt me!

His pitch is actually pretty accurate.

Theo enjoyed the break!

The sunset from MeeMaw's front porch.

The box that MeeMaw's new office chair came in made hours of fun for Ben and Hunter. Guess who is in the box Ben's sitting on? LOL.
Good times.

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gina said...

It's always the big box that wins. Never what's inside. Adorable pics Jamie